Bill Barkeley

deaf-blind adventurer, advocate & storyteller (public speaker)


Bill is a deaf-blind adventurer & public speaker (storyteller) that speaks and does adventure projects to people around the world - disabled or not - on building a pioneering, adventuring spirit and overcoming the challenges in their lives.  Bill's work is about helping others get to a better place in this world and paying it forward in a life that has been rich beyond his wildest imagination.

Bill's groundbreaking climb covered on Good Morning America was to share a personal journey about building a life within the context of your abilities and disabilities.  He is a pioneer with assistive technologies for the hearing and vision impaired and the deaf-blind. 

Bill is one of 15,000 in the United States and 100,000 in the world with Usher's Syndrome which progressively robs its victims of both hearing and vision over the course of their lifetime.   

See why in many ways he believes that it may be the best thing that ever happened to him.   

The mission of No Barriers USA is to build a powerful community of modern day pioneers who use the experience of nature to promote innovation, education and assistive technologies that create transformative life experiences and inspire people with physical challenges to live full and active lives. 

I am honored to be on the board of directors of this inspiring and aspiring non-profit based in Colorado. 

I am a community ambassador for Hear The World.   

Hearing loss is the number 3 health condition in the world behind heart disease and cancer.  It is the most treatable yet it is largely ignored and misunderstood.  65% of all hearing loss cases diagnosed in the world are people between the ages of 18-44.  It is not just an issue of aging. 

Hear The World has helped get the word out on my journey as a deaf-blind person through my adventure projects for Mount Kilimanjaro, Sound Academy expeditions with deaf teens and the Boston Marathon.


Community service is an important part of my journey.  By reaching out and connecting with people in my community I build support networks, help others and get so much back in return. 

I am proud to be on the board of directors of Metro Health Systems here in Grand Rapids, Michigan/